The Best Summer Activities in NYC

the best summer activities in nyc

With summer unofficially/officially upon us, I’ve gotten to thinking about how I’ll be soaking up the season this year in New York City. I’m going to be on the road quite a bit but will have some weekends to enjoy and while I have my personal favorites, I decided to round up some of my friends’ favorites as well. Consider this your guide to summer in NYC if you’re living here, moving here or just visiting here. So many good recommendations from my buddies and many of which I myself haven’t even done! Summer Bucket List = all set!

Summer in New York City:

Bar Sardine in the West Village is small but perfect for summer nights. They open up the glass walls so it’s breezy, warm, and bright. The cocktails are amazing, too! – Julia

There’s no better time or place for picnics in Central Park! It gets really crowded on the weekends, but half the fun is scouting the perfect spot and claiming it with a big blanket.  – Carly

Running (biking or walking) along the east river. The breeze is a welcome reprieve from city heat, and you can’t beat the view! – Hallie

what to do in nyc in the summer

My favorite thing to do when it gets warm out is to be outside as much as possible! I walk everywhere, and just signed up for Citi Bike so am looking forward to riding around the city a bit more… and there’s nothing better than packing a delicious picnic in the park. Cheeses from Murray’s, a baguette from Amy’s, and maybe a little rosé. There’s nothing better than a leisurely day spent reading, napping, and catching up with friends in the sun. – Grace

Stone Street in the Financial District is so great to enjoy some beers and sit outside under the tents. Feels like spending the day in Europe! I also love Grand Banks – it’s a boat on the Hudson with the perfect breeze and endless rosé. – Hailey

Dinner with a glass of rosé at Jacks Wife Freda or Cafe Gitane. – Alicia

I feel like everyone knows places like the Boat Basin and the Frying Pan so they tend to be overcrowded so I have been trying to be find a new waterfront spot for drinks. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Pier A Harbor House in Battery Park City. Huge venue, tons of beers and oysters as big as ya head. Gorgeous views of Lady Liberty to boot! – Alyson

the best things to do in new york in the summer

A train to the Rockaways – must stop at Rockaway Taco & /or Rippers on the beach at 86th street. If you want to learn to surf, try Locals Surf School. And ice cream from Van Leeuwen or even just Mister Softee in the park! – Bekka

Brooklyn Crab is super cool! I spent a very long day there last summer and it’s my goal to go all the time this summer. BK Bridge Park has cool spots to grill outside too which I’ve heard is really amazing and want to do this summer. – Jenny

Walking the Highline and then biking to The Loeb Boat House in Central Park! – Carrie

One of my all-time favorite summer activities in New York is an evening aboard The Honorable William Wall. This floating clubhouse (part of The Manhattan Yacht Club) not far from Ellis Island is accessible by a fleet of motorboats that ferry out from downtown Jersey City. $18 gets you a ride to and from the clubhouse, and once aboard, drinks are relatively inexpensive. My advice? Pack a picnic (there’s no food served) and head out in time for sunset. Grab a spot on the top deck that looks back at the NYC skyline and get tipsy while enjoying the cool breeze that can be hard to find within the sweltering city. – Taylor

And in case you need some outfit inspo for what to wear to all these awesome activities…

Summer Outfit Inspo:

Hope you enjoy all the recommendations and here’s to a summer filled with memorable moments and of course, plenty of rosé.

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Facial Cleansing Best Practices


As I got older, I started to get mildly obsessive compulsive about my skin. I had relatively bad acne up until my late 20s when I finally got a routine from my dermatologist that worked and I became committed to facials every few months. Since March I’ve been experimenting with dry cleansing at night and have found it has left my skin feeling cleaner and smoother but I was curious to know more about cleansing best practices.

So I went straight to my favorite skincare source – Mario Badescu. So good that they are in my guide to NYC, the aestheticians at Mario Badescu are the best of the best and their facials are part of my routine (they start around a very reasonable $60 and are more clinical than they are spa-like which I appreciate.) Armed with questions, I asked Elena Arboleda who is the Head Aesthetician at the Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon to see if she could share her expertise with you guys! Read on to hear what she recommends.

What are your thoughts on dry cleaning?

I think it is generally best to use your cleanser the way that the directions on the label instruct. That is the way the product is formulated to be used. Some cleansers, especially oil-based ones, do work better when they are applied to dry skin. Since water and oil don’t mix applying an oil-based cleanser to dry skin allows it direct contact with the oils on the skin. This allows the cleanser to dissolve and lift the dirt and oil on the skin so that they then can be lifted away.

What is tissue cleansing*? What skin types is it best for?

Tissue-off cleansers have been around for decades. Most tissue-off cleansers are oil-based. Since oil dissolves, excess oil and makeup are broken down as you massage this type of cleanser into the skin. This makes it possible to then wipe away the cleanser with tissues along with dirt and makeup. This type of cleanser can be used for a variety of skin types and is best suited for aging, dry, and/or sensitive skin.

*Tissue cleansing is practiced at Mario Badescu for many facials depending on your skin type.

How often should one aim to get a facial?

We generally suggest every 4-6 weeks. Some people have skin types or conditions that make it necessary to visit more or less frequently.

What are the benefits of getting extractions from a trained professional?

You should really never attempt to squeeze or extract a pimple yourself. Improper extractions cause trauma to the skin and can lead to scarring and infection. Aestheticians are licensed and trained to extract in a way that will speed healing and not worsen the situation.

What about double-cleansing?

Double-cleansing has been a popular cleansing method in recent years and it is fine as long as the combination of cleansers that you are using isn’t stripping the skin. Most cleansers are formulated to be used on their own, assuming that you are using one that is appropriate for your skin type, one should do the trick. If you want to try this method I wouldn’t suggest pairing cleansers yourself, make sure the formulas that you use are meant to work together and are appropriate for your individual skin type and concerns.

Any cleansing rituals you prescribe to? I’d love to hear!

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Summer Staple: The Denim Jacket

If I had a summer uniform it would 100% include a denim jacket. I have amassed four different styles now and rotate them depending on the outfit but the piece is absolutely my favorite way to complete an outfit for spring and summer. Over pants, a dress or a skirt and top, if you don’t yet have one or two I’ve included my favorite styles currently available! And hopefully these past snaps will provide you with some style inspiration for future outfits.

Happy Memorial Day!!








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