My Favorite Face Oils

February 21, 2018

The Best Face Oils I wit & whimsyI often get skincare questions from you guys (I answered a lot recently here) and in the past when I have spoken about face oils I get a bit of “but I have oily skin why on earth would I add oil?” And trust me, I get it! Face oils can actually go a long way though in making your skin feel hydrated, smooth and radiant. I see them as little magic potions and today I wanted to share a few favorites.


How My Life Has Changed Since Being Self-Employed

February 20, 2018

Meghan Donovan talks self-employment

I hope you all had a good weekend! I know not everyone has President’s Day off and despite my best efforts to take it as a holiday, I failed – ha! I ended up shooting some looks and getting a lot of work done as I have a very, very busy week ahead. To be fair though I did next to nothing all Saturday & Sunday and it was pure bliss. So a bit of balance I guess you could say.

I’m excited to share today’s post with you guys because a lot of you have expressed interest in knowing more about how my life changed when I made the move to work for myself. I will caveat that, before I made the leap to self employment, I did a lot of research. I’m what you’d call risk-adverse. So taking on a career challenge that involves sometimes not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from isn’t exactly something I took lightly. I prepared a lot and even penned this piece on steps to take before you pull the plug on corporate life during my first six months of work & reflection.

what I’m wearing

Weekly Roundup

February 16, 2018

What a week. I think my body was recovering all week from all the indulgences in Charleston and by Tuesday I felt so run down. It’s rare these days that I feel blah or overly tired but I truly felt so exhausted and so icky all week. I’m so glad to have a weekend with no plans ahead and am also hoping I can allow myself to take a few hours off on Monday, too! (I was considering going to see Phantom Thread – anyone seen it? Worth seeing in the theatre?)

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Have a wonderful weekend & I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!