coffee table treasures

November 17, 2011


If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know that next month I’ll be moving. Nothing crazy like San Francisco to New York this time around, but heading from uptown to downtown. I am so excited to have a new place to call home and a clean slate to decorate with my friend Christine. I’m already having inspiration overload from Pinterest, but dreaming of other little pretty things to put around the place as well such as some lovely coffee table books surrounding what I love most: fashion.

I already own this one, but below are some on my wish list. Assouline, in particular, publishes some really beautiful books around fashion (some of which my favorites are below).

Do you have any coffee table books worth picking up for my new place? Do share! xo

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury, $65

HUE by Kelly Wearstler, $40

Dior 60th Anniversary, $250

Balenciaga, $25

Lanvin, $25


4 comments on “coffee table treasures”

  1. Ahh… lovely picks! I have HUE and am obsessed with it… so much amazing & colorful inspiration! I also love the van cleef book (but I’m jewelry obsessed!) and Gucci’s book. And what about some great design books… Domino Decorating, Design Sponge… the best.

    The Lanvin book is next on my list… looove!

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