How to Get More Volume in Your Hair

How to get more volume in your hair

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Like every girl, I’ve had a seemingly endless battle with making my hair work for me rather than against me. I feel like in the past year I finally, finally got more of a handle on it and as my body chemistry has changed due to thyroid disease, I’ve had to make some edits to products and my routine but today I thought I’d share how I achieve volume in my hair as I feel like this is something every girl is looking to achieve. (Seriously, how DO we get that just-had-a-blowout look!?)

1. Wash your hair at night.

I know this flattens some people’s hair but for me it helps in a MAJOR way to tame my hair and make it easier to work with from a styling standpoint. I shower at night using a different mix of shampoos + conditioners each time (and try to only wash my 3-4 times a week). My favorite combos include this Oribe set, this Amika shampoo used with this Garnier conditioner and this Head + Shoulders. (Yes, my shower is absolutely full of too many products.)

2. Use the right cocktail of styling products.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Travel size products are perfect for figuring out what works best for your hair. After towel drying my hair, I put in Living Proof PHD Styling Cream, Living Proof Frizz Serum and KMS California Quick Dry Spray to help speed up drying time. Also, at Grace’s recommendation, I just started using this Oribe mousse for extra volume, too if your hair falls into the fine category. Then blow dry your hair with a round brush but don’t worry about straightening it or styling it. Just blow dry + sleep on it.

3. Dry Shampoo is your BFF.

I’ve sung its praises many a time, but the DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo is my saving grace. I spray this on my roots as I finish my makeup and then brush it through before starting to style my hair.

4. Curl your hair in sections.

I split my hair in half and first curl the right half of my hair and then the left. Spray it with your favorite hair spray and then I curl the pieces around the crown of my head. This part is key to getting volume. Use your fingers to tousle the curls after finishing curling your face framing pieces and the other top sections of your hair. I use this Chi Automatic Rotating Curler. It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

5. Set your hair and texturize it.

After I use hairspray, as mentioned above, I use a setting + shine spray. Spray it first standing up and then flip your hair over and spray it with your head turned over. Lift your hair up and use your fingers to finish styling. As a last – but super important step – use a texturizing spray. I spray mine at my roots and work it into my hair with my hands and on days when needed, a volumizing comb. It gives my hair the added boost it needs and ensures volume lasts throughout the day. You can also carry a travel size to use before your evening plans as a refresher.


A few misc. items that I thought worth mentioning, too: I take these vitamins a few times a week and also regularly work hair masks into my routine. I’ll share a few of my favorites in the coming week. Additionally, I always, always comb my conditioner through with a comb I keep in the shower and then clip it back while I was my face so the conditioner has time to set prior to rinsing.

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Note: I link to a lot of Oribe products here and this post is in no way sponsored by them but I truly swear by their products and believe they have helped me to have my best hair. The products are expensive but have proven 100% worthwhile for me, personally. 

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p.s a VERY happy 30th birthday to my BFF Andrea!! Love you so much!

7 ways to add color to your beauty routine


I always find that, during the winter months, I wear less and less color when it comes to my wardrobe. I trend towards chunky black knits, darker denim and dark neutral accessories. But for my beauty routine? I think there’s no better time to add color! Today I’m sharing 7 ways to add pops of color to your look this season.

1. Nail it. Think out of the box in terms of the usual seasonal nail colors like red or burgundy. I love the look of winter white nails and adding a subtle hint of glitter is a fun way to mix things up. The new Nails INC Victoria Beckham collection has the perfect hue for this – Bamboo White.

IMG_93612. Go matte. Matte lip color is a unique way to emphasize your lips aside from the usual glosses. I love NARS’ Matte lip pencils and the Maybelline Matte lipsticks.

3. Line up the Always use brown or black liner on your eyes? Try switching things up with blue or green. The Makeup Forever branded colored liners have staying power.


4. Mix up your mascara. Similar to trying out new liner colors, go for a new mascara color that isn’t brown or black. These hues are striking and not crazy looking. Note to self, don’t do colored liner + colored mascara – choose one or the other.

5. Seek a subtle shimmer. Winter is a great time to add some shimmer to your skin, as you’re missing your summer glow. I like Benefit Cosmetics’ Girl Meets Pearl – pat it on your cheekbones and just under your brow line at the top of your eyelids.

6. Try palettes. If you’re anything like me, you tend to use the same neutral eyeshadow colors everyday. Palettes are a great way to change this up. They are rather foolproof and often come with guides on how to maximize the colors included. This one is my favorite.


7. Go low. When I most recently got my hair done, I added in lowlights in addition to highlights. It helped tone down my summer blonde while adding dimension and making my hair color more seasonally appropriate. Ask your stylist to add subtle lowlights next time you see them!


Looking for a cost effective way to change up your color routine? Get your girlfriends together to swap things like nail polish, or each bring a new lip color for everyone to try. Get some jams going, pour some Seven Daughters Wine and it becomes a perfect little get together!

This post is brought to you as a part of my collaboration with Seven Daughters wine as part of their Savvy Seven. All opinions are my own.

sleek and straight hair with ghd


When ghd (aka ‘good hair day’) asked me to give one of their straighteners I was excited to try out a hot tool from a brand that is so well respected in the hair industry. I chose their ghd 1″ professional styler in the oh so cute jade color and wanted to give a run down of how to achieve a sleek, smooth style that will last.


A plethora of products is nearly as essential as the hot tool itself. I use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day, Living Proof Satin Hair Serum and Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray which helps to protect your hair and give a lacquer finish.


First, I cocktail the cream and serum in my hand, blend and then distribute evenly through my hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb before blow drying.


The before: I have naturally wavy hair so this is already having been brushed through and “straightened” as much as possible when blow drying.


Sectioning off your hair is one of the best pieces of advices I can give when straightening your hair. I use a clip to clamp half up and then spray the heat lacquer spray and further section off to straighten section by section.


Straighten s-l-o-w-l-y. One of the most common mistakes is running your straightener over your hair too fast causing you to have to do it more and more vs. just going slowly and effectively. ghd straighteners use advanced ceramic heater technology to provide smoother, shinier results.


One of my favorite features of this straightener? Sleep Mode that switches the tool off when it is not used for 30 minutes. Who else has left the house and then panicked they left their straightner on? (THIS GIRL. All too often I’m afraid…)


The straightener also has a round barrel meaning it can create curls and waves in addition to straightening meaning its perfect for travel (leave that curling iron behind!). As your last step, take a stitch more straightening serum and run it over your ends and any fly aways.


Et voila – follow the above steps and you’ll have sleek hair that also stays straight (what every girl really wants am I right?) Hope you find this helpful, love seeing me in my pink robe (a bridesmaid gift from the wedding the other weekend!) and enjoy the sneak peek into my bathroom :). Happy Tuesday, all!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ghd but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible. 

[All photos by Alyson Buck; Last photo by Bekka Palmer Photography]