Just call me Betty

Today I finally learned what the weather forecast means when it calls for “wintry mix.” And let me just say, it’s gross. I endured rain, hail and snow all in a 14 hour period. And once home, in the comfort of my favorite sweats and coziest tee, I decided it was the perfect night to do some baking and warm up the ol’ little apartment.

I turned to a recipe featured by Emily I had starred long ago and whipped them up and let me tell you…oh.my.god.deliciousness. These little treats are the perfect indulgence. With the richness of chocolate and the consistency of a brownie, these Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies are supremely easy to make, but so utterly sinful in the most indulgent of ways. Be sure to pour a big glass of milk to accompany these little guys, you’ll need it! After a not so stellar day, these cookies (along with tasting help and mmm’s from the roomies), were the perfect pick me up.

p.s. – I also sprinkled some sea salt on a few of them as a trial, as inspired by this recipe via Whipped. SO good!

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Cupcake Queens

If you ever want to bribe me, just offer me one of two things- B or C (or both if you want to be my favorite person in the world):




But I have to say the latter is a sweet treat I can’t ever seem to resist. What cures a hangover, brings sunshine into your day, is better than having a slice of cake and will make you glow with happiness afterwards? Yep, I’m talking cupcakes. The sweet little morsels deserve to be sought after and they bring me joy. No, seriously. They do bring me joy.


The new trend of cupcake “boutiques” is just fabulous. For roughly $3 you can get a delicious cupcake that is entirely more deserving of your money than an iced coffee or scoop of ice cream. Here in San Francisco we have several good ones from which you can choose. I love That Takes the Cake red velvet (seriously it is so delicious) and Kara’s Cupcakes sweet vanilla will change your idea of “vanilla” forever. Citizen Cupcake and Miette offer sweet treats that can satisfy when shopping in Union Square or enjoying the sun at the Ferry Building.


What’s best about these treats? They are pretty much designed to never disappoint. So make a cupcake date as soon as you can. And get an extra for me and I’ll love you forever.